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AT&T Usage Widgets

1.99 usd

*** After install you must add widgets to your home screen manually, instructions below ***Dont go over your plan limits! Use these handy widgets to know your currently used minutes, data and texts at a glance. You can also set the usage information to display in your notification drop-down area! The stats will automatically update so you always know where youre at. Works with all plan types including family share plans!
This works by automatically logging into AT&Ts servers to pull down the latest statistics on your account. Very easy to use, just add the widget to your screen, enter your AT&T login information and it does the rest.
Installing this will put you back in control of your account.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are having troubles connecting, please ensure first that you can connect using the My AT&T app. If you cant login there, you wont be able to use this. Contact AT&T if necessary to have them reset your password. You may also have to try signing in with your email address instead of your phone number.
At this time, AT&T Usage Widgets is not compatible with Prepaid or Business accounts.
Usage data is refreshed automatically about every other hour.
WIDGET INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS---------------------------NOTE: Some users have reported that they needed to reboot their phone before the widgets shows up in the app list.
NOTE: Do not install on SD, use local memory only. Widgets on Android are not compatible with SD storage.
Android 2-3: On your home screen, do a long press and tap Widgets. Scroll down and tap on "AT&T Data Usage Widget".
Android 4 ICS: Go to your apps list, scroll all the way to the right under Widgets, hold down on "AT&T Data Usage Widget" and drag it to the location on your home screen.
TIP: To select a different line, you must first log in - then go back into the configuration screen and choose from the list.
This software is not affiliated with, licensed or endorsed by AT&T or any related companies. All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.